SureStay Hotel by Best Western Twin Falls

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Accessible Entrance: Poor
Accessible Entrance
Accessible Bathroom: No Data
Accessible Bathroom
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Accessible Shower / Bath: No Data
Accessible Shower / Bath
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Accessible Parking: Good
Accessible Parking
Vision Accommodations: No Data
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Hearing Accommodations: No Data
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    • Mon: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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    • Thu: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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    • Sun: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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Best Western Sure Stay
No access button and the main entrance was difficult to maneuver -- the door opens out onto a sidewalk... accessible parking within 200 feet.
You cannot enter the rooms from the main floor...stairs down into, thus you have to travel outside to the side door (no access button) and travel down an extremely sloped ramp to get to the rooms. Then you would need to exit the building up the "not ADA" ramp out of the building and struggle at the main entrance to get back into the office area where the breakfast nook is. This would not be good in the winter time with snow!
We did not stay in an ADA room; don't know if they have any. The room we stay in would not be accessible at all for a person who uses a wheelchair. The bathroom door opens in and covers the toilet paper holder. One would not be able to close the door while utilizing the bathroom in any fashion.
The sink is in the main room area: the sink faucets sit deep on the sink, and the faucets are not accessible (pull out/turn to work), the towels are high above the sink and the toilet.
Did not eat breakfast--did not enter the breakfast area but it looked relatively good sized.
The hotel charges a $100 incidental fee that is reimbursed once one checks out (minus anything you may have purchased).
This hotel is reasonably priced, was an old building, but clean.
Here is my gripe! There is no excuse for a hotel to be in this condition. People with disabilities typically don't have money to pay for expensive, accessible hotels. This hotel is affordable but not accessible.
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